25 Countries in 12 Months? Good Luck with That!

Well, this is weird.We travel not to escape life, but for (1)

I was talking to a friend the other day. She pointed out that I had not written anything about what, exactly, my plans were for traveling the world, only that I was doing it.

I feel silly. Stupid. Completely missed the boat. 

So thanks, Julie, for helping me write my next blog post!

But what can anyone say who has a nebulous, grand, visionary plan to slow-travel—vagabond, really—across the globe for months on end? How concrete can a year-long adventure really be months before departure, if at all?

Still, the point is well taken. Surely I must have some idea of where I’d like to go, right?

Sort of, I guess. Okay, yeah.

While I still have a while to purge, prepare, and pack before I depart, I am collecting information on places I want to investigate further to see if they will make my final list of where in the world to go.

My general itinerary at this point is incredibly ambitious. It includes the following regions of the planet:

  • Southeast Asia
    • Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand
  • China
  • South Korea (possibly)
  • India and Sri Lanka
  • Central Europe
    • Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Poland
  • Kenya (??)
  • South Africa 
  • South America
    • Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia
  • Central America
    • Panama, Nicaragua, Belize

That’s 25 countries if I don’t count Kenya. I already figured out that a year is not long enough. As I said, it’s ambitious, but I do think that if I love the vagabond lifestyle (which I think I will), and I continue to get work on the road that supports me (as a freelance editor, mostly books), I’ll just keep on going until . . . what?

My end game plan is to land with my family in California, collect the ten boxes I will have saved from the purge of my belongings, and move to Ecuador. Of course, there’s a lot of time between here and there, and the way I want to travel is to be open to where the wind blows, so to speak. “Hey, there’s a food festival in Hong Kong! You have GOT to join us!” “What?! You didn’t know about the Flower Festival in Guatemala?” You get the idea. So who knows where I’ll really end up, or when.

So there you have it. My rough, ambitious, heart-stopping, exciting itinerary. Will I hit all the countries? I would love for you to follow my blog and stay tuned! 

Where in the world have you been? What is your favorite country? Where would you NEVER go again? Leave a comment, like, and share my blog, please! I’ll love ya for it!