Am I Crazy? What Have I Done?

Do I really think I can travel around the world for a year (or more)? Come on, now.

Pretty much every morning I wake up in a tiny panic. Do I really think I can just tuck away my normal, everyday life, pick up my backpack and laptop, and take off around the world on an almost-nothing budget?

At PrimalCon 2014 with fellow primates
At PrimalCon 2014 with fellow primates. Photo by Mike Lin.

As soon as I pass through that odd, sparkly-crystal-fog journey from asleep to awake, I lie in bed, amazed that I would even consider such a thing. Sure, I’ve always said I’d like to travel more. Many of us have that dream. So why don’t I make do with saving some money, picking a country or two, and just going for, like, a month? This is what most sane people do, right? Perhaps. But I’ve never lumped myself in with “most people.” I am special, just like everyone is. 

So why do I think I can just sell most of my possessions, pack away the few things I want to keep, and pare my entire life down to what I can carry on my back? Well, the easy (and honest) answer is, because decisions like this are just that: decisions. If you read my post about how I reach my goals (here), you know that the first step toward anything I do is to simply decide to do it. For me, there is a world contained in a decision: commitment, excitement, the planning to come, the unshakable faith I have in myself to do what I set out to do.

Apple chicken and cauliflower “faux”tatoes. Author photo.

So now the work has begun. I have started an Evernote notebook (I love that app), I have reached out to people I know who love to travel, and I am keeping notes of the juicy places I want to put on my “places to see” list. I have pared my expenses down to the bare minimum. (I rented out my house in Oregon and am staying with my mom in California for the winter, which is allowing me to save a lot of money.) I am strengthening my job connections so I continue to have work on the road. (I am a freelance book editor.) I am connecting with other world travelers, both seasoned travelers like Nomanic Matt and newbies like myself.

I am also learning how to monetize my blog to support my travel habit. To that end, I’ve been working on developing this blog’s theme. I have several labels I can stick on myself: Paleo/Primal, meditator, humanist, and skeptic, among others. I’ve been playing around with what is most present in my everyday existence, what action I could apply a label to at any given time. At this point, I have decided to focus this blog on maintaining a Primal lifestyle while traveling the world. This means I will focus not only on preparing for world travel and the actual travel experiences I will have, but also how I fare maintaining my Primal eating habits (which I am not going to give up, as I completely changed my health going Primal) and Primal movement (essentially, using the entire world as my playground). 

I hope you will always find something of interest in my sharing. I would love to hear what you are interested in as I share this preparation time with you. What interests you about world travel? Are you planning a RTW? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

~ Jessica