Wildflowers and Spring in Ashland’s Lithia Park

Fairy playground
Fairy playground

I confess… I admit it. I’m not a photographer. I have an old digital Canon that I mostly keep on “auto” setting, and I know how to zoom. That’s about it. But when I hike above Lithia Park, on the trails in the hills above the main park path, I have to take picture every few feet. There’s just so much to see!

In the spring, wildflowers bloom in abundance. They’re mostly tiny–teeny dots of color pushing up between soggy, old, dead leaves and mats of pine needles.

But once I train my eye on them, I see them everywhere! They’re snowy white, royal purple, deep blue, and butter yellow.

They’re smaller than a candy dot and as big as a gumdrop. And when they’re just starting to push up from the cold, damp ground, they signal the promise of thousands more to come.

And then there’s the textures. Oh, my, the textures. From decaying old logs to spongy green moss, the textures of the forest cover it all.

Smooth, rough, soft, scratchy, ribbed, and spiky. The woods and forest floor yield endless textures of nature, slowing my hiking rhythm to a snail’s pace.

Driving home from what turned out to be a pretty leisurely walk through nature’s treats, I pulled over no less than six times to attempt to capture the plethora of blossoming trees. Really, they’re everywhere! Ashland has a short window in the spring when, it seems, everything has flowers pushing through rough, wintery bark.

Yes, Ashland is full of nature’s eye candy in every flavor, if only we slow down long enough to notice. And maybe point and shoot an old camera in hopes of capturing just one taste.