Snorkeling, Fishing, and the Best Hostel on Koh Lanta

Speeding across the Andaman Sea in a shiny new powerboat, my hair whipping wildly in the warm tropical wind, my every sense is engaged. I feel the hot sun on my face, I hear the slap-slap-slap of the boat flying across the waves. I smell and taste the salty sea air as fine mists of water dapple my skin. I soak in the deep blue and emerald green water, craggy rock islands soaring from its surface and giving a teasing glimpse of the powder-soft sand lining the shore where I’m heading for a day of snorkeling.


Koh Lanta boasts many small tour companies that offer a wide variety of day trips. I was lucky to have one of the best little companies sitting directly across the road from Paulee’s House, my hostel on Koh Lanta and home for the next twelve days.

The snorkeling on Koh Lanta is fantastic. The warm, tropical waters are as clear as a fresh spring morning. Lush underwater tropical foliage and vibrant, colorful coral make a home to the incredible variety of bright, colorful fish. Huge clams lined with puffy lips of Continue reading