One Year to Plan a Year

Well, I IMG_0448am making it official. Today is the first day of, okay, the rest of my life, but more specifically, a year to plan a year (or more!) of traveling around the world, or RTW. (Those of you who know me know that once I set my sites on a goal, I achieve it.)

I have, consciously or unconsciously (or both), been preparing myself for years for this to happen. A few years ago I created a new career that allows me to work wherever there is an internet connection. As a freelance book editor, I get work from various publishers, including a big one in Chennai, India. I’m ready to purge most of my belongings, although I’ll keep my house in Southern Oregon for a while. But I’m ready, willing, and (finally!) able to begin the preparations that at one time seemed so daunting.

I’m already making a list of people I know around the world in Mexico, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Australia, England, and other places. This is a great way to start an itinerary, by the way! (If I know you and you are in another country, please say hello and remind me!)

I used to think I needed the safety and security of a home and community, and while those things are still valuable to me, there is so much more I want from this one brief moment of time I have called life. I can’t save the world, I can’t make a huge difference, but in my own small way, I can touch the lives of others around the world as I enrich my own. I’ve already discovered several RTW travelers, men and women, old and young, who are living their dreams. Every one of them says the same thing: it’s not as hard as it seems, once you get started.

So here it is. I’m starting. Join me?IMG_0449