Am I Crazy? What Have I Done?

Do I really think I can travel around the world for a year (or more)? Come on, now.

Pretty much every morning I wake up in a tiny panic. Do I really think I can just tuck away my normal, everyday life, pick up my backpack and laptop, and take off around the world on an almost-nothing budget?

At PrimalCon 2014 with fellow primates
At PrimalCon 2014 with fellow primates. Photo by Mike Lin.

As soon as I pass through that odd, sparkly-crystal-fog journey from asleep to awake, I lie in bed, amazed that I would even consider such a thing. Sure, I’ve always said I’d like to travel more. Many of us have that dream. So why don’t I make do with saving some money, picking a country or two, and just going for, like, a month? This is what most sane people do, right? Perhaps. But I’ve never lumped myself in with “most people.” I am special, just like everyone is. 

So why do I think I can just sell most of my possessions, pack away the few things I want to keep, and pare my entire life down to what I can carry on my back? Well, the easy (and honest) answer is, because decisions like this are just that: decisions. If you read my post about how I reach my goals (here), you know that the first step toward anything I do is to simply decide to do it. For me, there is a world contained in a decision: commitment, excitement, the planning to come, the unshakable faith I have in myself to do what I set out to do. Keep reading!