Packing for Long-Term Travel

It seems impossible.

But you’ve decided to do it.

You’re going to travel with one carry-on bag.

For a long time.

Whether you’re traveling for a month or a year (or longer), taking all your belongings in only one carry-on bag (plus the extra purse or small backpack you’re allowed on most airlines), can be daunting. I’m fortunate that I learned on my very first overseas trip at nineteen years old that one bag can and does work.

But long-term travel is different from a week or even a month. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where you remember all those things you packed before that never saw the outside of the suitcase. This is where you leave the mentality of “just in case” behind (with few exceptions).

First let me explain that I will be buying most of my clothes once I arrive at  my first destiny (Bali). This way my bag is lighter, I have more room for clothes, I will buy weather- and culturally appropriate stuff, and the clothes will be much less expensive than were I to buy them in the States.

So, without further ado, here is everything (almost; a few didn’t make the photo shoot) that is going into my two bags (the carry-on and its companion zip-off day pack):

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